About Us

NEEEC is an association of energy efficiency companies and advocates: manufacturers, installers, engineers, distributors, designers, retailers, and individuals Our mission is to use local- and state-level advocacy to help secure the policies, budgets, and resources necessary for a vibrant and growing energy efficiency industry.

State regulators, agencies, and legislators make decisions that govern billions of dollars in energy efficiency and clean energy spending. NEEEC gives the industry a voice in those decisions. We do this by participating actively in state and regional planning processes, marshaling and articulating responses to proposed policies, budgets, and initiatives, and providing opportunities for NEEEC members to tell their stories directly to policymakers and regulators. This is true on a national level in Congress and Federal agencies and NEEEC is actively working with national allies to help impact the decisions that result in policies and resources available at the state level. 


Stephen Cowell
NEEEC Executive Director
James Collins
Kristin Dupre
Abode Energy Management
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Paul Gromer
Peregrine Energy Group
Charlie Harak
National Consumer Law Center
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Energy Solutions
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