NEEC Urges Massachusetts to Maintain Award-Winning Energy Efficiency Programs

The Northeast Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) today urged the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (EEAC) to maintain the strength of the state’s award-winning energy efficiency programs. At a public hearing in Boston, NEEC described the importance of the programs to the state’s energy efficiency industry, and asked the EEAC to preserve the state’s ambitious energy savings goals and associated budgets as it develops the program plans for 2016 – 2018.

Three NEEC members testified at the hearing:

  • Geoff Chapin, CEO of Next Step Living, described his company’s growth from six to 850 employees and how the company’s work through the Massachusetts state programs has served as a platform from which to develop other product and service offerings and to expand into other states.
  • Rick Taglienti, president of Rogers Insulation, told the EEAC that the programs have enabled his company to double in size and that they are raising the level of skill throughout the industry by imposing exacting standards for service and quality of workmanship.
  • Tim Blanchard, partner in TNT Energy, described his company’s work for small and large business customers. Over the last year alone, TNT Energy has provided services to over 1,300 customers, helping them to save over 25 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.  Because of its work through the programs, TNT Energy has not only increased its own staff but also employs over sixty electrical subcontractors.

In addition to the testimony, NEEC delivered a letter to the EEAC signed by over 120 energy efficiency companies. [link to letter in Resources]

About Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Programs

The Massachusetts Energy Efficiency programs are implemented by the state’s electric and gas utilities and the Cape Light Compact. Each year these programs produce incremental savings equivalent to more than 2.5% of statewide electricity sales and 1% of statewide natural gas sales. The programs implemented since 2010 are producing annual savings of more than 3,400 gigawatt-hours of electricity and 77 million therms of natural gas, and are avoiding 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Largely as a result of these programs, the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy has ranked Massachusetts the most energy efficiency state in the nation for each of the last four years.

About NEEC

NEEC is an association of energy efficiency companies: manufacturers, installers, engineers, distributors, designers, and retailers. Our mission is to make buildings more energy efficient and help the efficiency industry grow. We do this by advocating for polices and programs that reduce energy use, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions, and that help efficiency companies become bigger and stronger.