Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Programs Achieve Record Results

The Program Administrators of the Massachusetts energy efficiency programs today announced the 2014 year-end program results, reporting record savings for both electricity and natural gas.  The electricity programs produced annual savings of over 1.3 million megawatt-hours, a 22% increase from 2013. The natural gas programs produced savings of over 28 million therms, an 18% increase from 2013.

Annual Savings

Electricity (MWh)999,6791,068,9711,305,592
Natural Gas (Therms)23,274,28823,924,07328,246,665

Programs for commercial and industrial customers accounted for the bulk of the electricity savings, over 57% of the total.  However, programs for residential customers accounted for the bulk of the natural gas savings, 54% of the total.

Electricity Savings


Natural Gas Savings


For both electricity and natural gas, residential programs greatly exceeded the program goals, 140% of goal for electricity and 130% of goal for natural gas.

About Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Programs

The Massachusetts Energy Efficiency programs are administered by the state‚Äôs electric and gas utilities and largest municipal aggregator: Eversource, National Grid, Unitil, Berkshire Gas, Liberty Utilities, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, and the Cape Light Compact.  Each year these programs produce incremental savings equivalent to more than 2.5% of statewide electricity sales and 1% of statewide natural gas sales. Largely as a result of these programs, the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy has ranked Massachusetts the most energy efficiency state in the nation for each of the last four years.

About NEEC

NEEC is an association of energy efficiency companies:  manufacturers, installers, engineers, distributors, designers, and retailers. Our mission is to make buildings more energy efficient and help the efficiency industry grow. We do this by advocating for polices and programs that reduce energy use, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions, and that help efficiency companies become bigger and stronger.